Cream Cheese Cutouts with Buttercream Frosting and a Surprise

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is just two days away! Have you decided what you’re getting that special someone? Me neither. To be honest, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day in my household. I guess I’m just not a very … Keep Reading….

White Cake Cupcakes with Almond Cream Cheese Frosting

Recently, I made eggless brownies for Allergy Awareness Week. It was my first time consciously trying to bake egg free. I was shocked when my first attempt turned out well and it inspired me to try and create another egg … Keep Reading….

Chocolate Cupcakes with Mocha Cream Cheese Frosting

I’m big on celebrations. Celebrations mean cupcakes…well, for me they do anyways. Cupcakes are always a good idea. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers…of course! Presidents day, Columbus day, national bubble wrap day…why not?! The launch of a new blog….lets do it! … Keep Reading….